The Business Policy Game (BPG) is a total enterprise simulation now in its 7th edition. It provides the competitive environment for the annual International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition, the longest running simulation competition in the world.  The simulation is available to educators and training instructors looking for a dynamic process to integrate the business disciplines and provide experience in strategy development.  The simulation is rather complex but may be modified for lower level classes by removing the international component, the market segment component, and/or the fourth market area via parameter settings.

BPG is available in two versions, BPG Web, a full web based program, accessed using a web browser or BPG PC, a Windows program, accessed by downloading the software and running it on your PCs.  The simulation engine is the same for both versions.  Slight differences in output are due to differences in the random number generators of the Internet server and the Windows operating system.  For the PC version, game manuals and software may be downloaded directly from our server.  The Internet version contains the manuals.  Please visit the links above for more information.

For information on obtaining the manuals and software, contact_us.

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For more information on educational simulation as a pedagogy, visit ABSEL (The Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning) and the Simulation/Gaming Exchange.