The Business Policy Game:

An Internet Integrated International Strategy Simulation

A total enterprise simulation for undergraduate and graduate business policy/strategic management courses and for management development programs.

May be run in Internet integrated, flash drive, or LAN mode.

Player's Manual, Instructor's Manual, tutorials and simulation software downloadable from the Internet.

User licenses for each team or for a world may be purchased directly on the Internet.

We take pride in the support we provide our users. Problems are usually fixed within 24 hours or less.

7th Edition, A Domestic or an International Game

Frequently Asked Questions

See Frequently Asked Questions for help in understanding the simulation. The questions are organized by function: finance, marketing and operations.

See Game Features--PC Slide Show

Download the PC slide show.

International Competition

You may also be interested in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition which is held each spring and is based upon The Business Policy Game .

Game Support

Since the passing of Dick Cotter in March 1998, David Fritzsche provides support.

The simulation software and manuals are available to university professors and corporate trainers. They may be downloaded from a web site. Contact us for details at address image