The Business Policy Game:

An Internet Integrated International Simulation

The Windows version of the 4th edition, released in December 1998, proved to be a very solid enhancement. The 5th edition, released in 2002, built upon this foundation with a significant number of changes to advance its educational value. The 6th edition added the Internet integrated mode along with other changes that provided benefits to all users. The 7th edition upgrades the programs to run on the most recent versions of Windows, simplifies administration of the simulation and includes a number of small changes to benefit both students and administrators. Most of the changes over the years have been made to enhance students' learning experiences. Other changes have been made primarily to benefit the administrator. Many of the changes benefit both parties, thus you might want to scan down both lists. The 7th edition was released in 2016, and we will continue to improve it with updates and additions in the future. The lists below list significant changes made over all four editions.

Features to Enhance Education

Several features which we believe to be particularly user friendly are:

Features to Enhance Administration

The Business Policy Game is a general management simulation that provides students with a challenging decision-making exercise. It has been used successfully with groups of upper-class undergraduates and graduate students in business administration and in executive development programs. The simulation also has been used successfully for many years in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Games Competition.

Each simulation participant requires a copy of The Business Policy Game: Player's Manual. Each team needs access to the player's program unless the game administrator uses the central decision entry option. The Business Policy Game: Instructor's Manual and the administrator's program are to be used only by the instructor.

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